Posted: April 22, 2011 in Belgian Strong Pale Ale
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I went back to the Olde Sonoma Public House last night and after browsing their offerings make a plan to start the evening with Damnation, follow it up with some Delirium Tremens, and end the evening with Consecration.  Unfortunately I only made it as far as the Delirium Tremens and missed out on Consecration entirely.  There may be some kind of lesson or moral there; I’ll let you decide.

I was really expecting a much darker beer for something called “Damnation” but it turned out to be a slightly hazy golden yellow.  It smelled strongly fruity, especially banana.  Some slight fruity notes came out in the taste, but were overpowered by a spicy clovey taste.  Very little hops or malt to this one and just enough sweetness.  I was absolutely convinced this was a hefeweizen but the Russian River Brewery calls it a Strong Belgian Pale Ale.  This beer was smooth and crisp and very drinkable.  Even though I hate bananas, I’d drink this again and would suggest you try it if given the opportunity.

Now I just have to track down the Consecration to complete the set…


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