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At the request of my cousin, I’ve rounded up some gluten free beers to review.  The first is this blonde ale.  It pours a clearish golden yellow with a thick head and smells like a yeasty cider or dryish apple wine.  It’s almost hard to comment on the taste because it really doesn’t last long enough to get a good feel for it.  This beer has the most fleeting flavor of any beer I’ve ever tried.  The taste sequence is kind of: appleboozenothingbyebye.  After drinking all these California beers, it’s a bit odd to drink something that’s not overloaded with hops.  The mouthfeel is what I would imagine carbonated vodka to taste like: bubbly, boozy, and thin.  It’s so different from everything I’ve had recently that I really didn’t know if I liked it at first.  I’m not sure I’d drink this again if other beer options were available, but it’s certainly a drinkable beer for those who are on gluten free diets.  Be warned, though, all the carbonation gave me a nasty case of the hiccups midway through.