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I just got back from a short business trip to Trinidad and while I was there, had the opportunity to sample a local beer.  The Carib Brewery brews both Carib and Stag lagers, with Stag being marketed as a “Men’s Beer.”  Interestingly, when I asked the bartender for a local beer, he didn’t give me an option and just gave me the Carib.  The men I was with were all given a choice.  Had I the opportunity for another beer, I would have asked for the Stag to see what response I got but as it was, I just went with the Carib.

It was served in the bottle without a glass and was bright, clear yellow.  The aroma wasn’t too distinct, but I did get some grains and a bit of hops which came through on tasting as well.  It had a pretty watery mouthfeel and was an easy, if uninteresting, drink.

If you like Corona, this is the beer for you.  My theory is that it’s so hot an humid in the tropics that most people don’t want a darker, heavier beer and prefer lighter, watery beers.  However, Guinness is one of the two most popular imports, so I’m not sure this theory holds up.

The verdict:  Next time, I’ll have a Mai Tai.