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I’m finally over my cold enough to try the Delirium Nocturnum I’ve been holding on to.  It’s a strong dark Belgian ale and is triple fermented with the final fermentation occurring in the bottle.  So the taste of this one can actually change a bit over time.

This beer’s a dark ruby/brown with a sparse cream-colored head.  Like the Delirium Tremens, the sweet fruit scents hit me first.  Then the malt came through with a bit of creamy dark chocolate.  Now it get to taste it…I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile now…  Hmm.  Interesting.  Very spicy.  A little coffee.  Some dark fruitiness.  Not nearly as sweet as it smells.  I’m not sure how I feel about this just yet.  I really don’t think I could drink a ton of this at once.  It’s a fairly complicated flavor assortment.  For mouthfeel, it’s pretty smooth without a ton of carbonation and hides it’s 8.5% ABV pretty well, though as nears room temperature the alcohol and hops come out.  Really, it’s far too complicated a beer to be an easy drink.

Overall, I found this beer rather enjoyable, though I really prefer the Delirium Tremens over the Nocturnum.  I wouldn’t recommend this for the novice beer drinker unless they’re fans of spiced wine.  I’m not sure I’d choose this again unless the other options were completely unremarkable.  I really wanted to love this beer, but the point of this blog is partially to help me figure out exactly what kinds of beers I like and this is proof that a nifty looking bottle and clever name don’t necessarily translate into an amazing beer experience.