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I was at the Sacramento Airport getting ready to board a plane for Nashville and found myself with enough time to enjoy a beer before my flight.  I selected this Hefeweizen brewed in San Jose, CA and the results were quite interesting.

This beer was a cloudy golden orange color with an off-white head to it.  It left just a little bit of lacing on the glass as I drank it.  My first impression of the scent was sour which I found a little confusing, but on second smell I got strong cloves and a fruity scent with a bit of banana.  The banana and clove strengthened in the tasting and really the only taste to this beer was spicy bananas.  The taste did linger a bit after drinking.  Overall, a very smooth drinkable beer if you like bananas.  I typically avoid banana-flavored anything, so won’t be drinking it again, but if you enjoy that flavor this could be a great option.

Comments are very much appreciated, as are recommendations for new and exciting beers