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Now that I’m back from my trip, I’m trying to update more regularly.  Tonight’s beer is Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.  I really couldn’t find too much information on it aside from the fact that it’s British.  It’s a very black beer with some unimpressive tan foam that lasted almost as long as it took me to load this web page.  The aroma is very chocolatey, but not the good kind of chocolate.  It really smells more like the artificial chocolate scent added to things like lotions and soaps.  Not very appetizing for me.  The taste is mainly a malty dark chocolate with a very slight bit of coffee and some bitterness.  I’m used to stouts sitting a bit heavier and drinking like a meal, but this is much lighter.  It did seem a bit flat, and I’m not sure if it’s usually this flat or if it’s because I’m drinking it about 3 weeks after the “best by” date.

Given that this is past it’s “best by” date, I may have to give this another try in the future, though I’m not impressed by what I’ve seen so far.  The chocolate tastes too artificial and the flavor profile is fairly simple.  I won’t be in a hurry to try it again.