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Little Sumpin’ Wild is a limited release from Lagunitas, a brewery that I’m sure regular readers will know I tend to favor.  It’s a clear orange/gold beer with a pale off-white head.  The smell pops you in the nose with citrus, pineapples, and spices but the hops come out more in the taste.  It really seems more like an American IPA than a Belgian Strong Pale Ale, but not obnoxiously hoppy.  It’s 9.2% abv but doesn’t taste like it and the overall feel is pretty smooth.

I actually took some of this to a coworker’s 21st birthday party last night with the instructions that he is not to drink this after an evening of Bud Lights.  I explained that he’s a big boy now and needs to learn to drink real beer, but if he really needs to drink Bud Light he should start with the Lagunitas and finish with the Bud Light.  He was impressed with the sexy lady on the bottle.  And the 9.2% abv.


I went back to the Olde Sonoma Public House last night and after browsing their offerings make a plan to start the evening with Damnation, follow it up with some Delirium Tremens, and end the evening with Consecration.  Unfortunately I only made it as far as the Delirium Tremens and missed out on Consecration entirely.  There may be some kind of lesson or moral there; I’ll let you decide.

I was really expecting a much darker beer for something called “Damnation” but it turned out to be a slightly hazy golden yellow.  It smelled strongly fruity, especially banana.  Some slight fruity notes came out in the taste, but were overpowered by a spicy clovey taste.  Very little hops or malt to this one and just enough sweetness.  I was absolutely convinced this was a hefeweizen but the Russian River Brewery calls it a Strong Belgian Pale Ale.  This beer was smooth and crisp and very drinkable.  Even though I hate bananas, I’d drink this again and would suggest you try it if given the opportunity.

Now I just have to track down the Consecration to complete the set…


Posted: February 13, 2011 in Dark Ales
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Last night I opened up a pint bottle of Terrible, a Belgian-style strong dark ale made by the Unibraue Brewery in Quebec.  It really is a pretty strong ale, clocking in at 10.5% ABV.  This is a very dark, syrupy, caramel brown beer with a thick tan head.  It smells very sweet, like a white wine, with some definite fruity notes.  The taste is pretty true to the smell, almost tasting more like a wine than a beer.  In addition to the strong fruitiness, there’s also some chocolatey/molasses taste that blends well.  This is really a complex-tasting beer and really not what I was expecting from a Belgian Ale, but in a good way.  There’s a crisp, carbonated mouthfeel and the alcohol is very well hidden.  This is a beer that can really sneak up on you if you’re not paying attention, not a session beer by any stretch!  I had to drink this slow due to plans to drive later, but this is a very drinkable beer, though the high sweetness and alcohol content would definitely limit how much of this I could drink in an evening.

Overall, this was a great beer.  It lacked the “meal-in-a-glass” quality that you get with some very dark beers, especially stouts.  Like the last beer I tried, this doesn’t really have a typical “beer” taste, possibly because it’s really sweet with almost none of the bitterness/malt/hoppy taste that I really expect in a beer.  I definitely recommend this beer and would buy it again if I ran across it.