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Blackened Voodoo

Posted: October 29, 2011 in schwarzbier
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Tonight I’m drinking some Blackened Voodoo Lager, a schwarzbier by the Dixie Brewing Company of New Orleans, LA.  The brewery was severely damaged and heavily looted during Katrina and during the ongoing renovations, the beer released under the Dixie label is brewed through contracting to other breweries.

This beer pours a really muddy brown with two fingers of cream-colored foam with a roasted nut and malty aroma.  The malt carries over to the taste, but a bit of hops start to show up with it.  Not overpowering hops.  Just enough hops.  It’s a bit watery compared to some of the more serious beers I’ve had, but for this beer it’s not a bad thing.  This is a beer I could sit and drink all evening.  So, my Louisiana friends take note and have some on hand when I come to visit.  I’m almost done with my glass already and am starting to wish I’d picked up more than the single bottle.  This is definitely going on the list of favorite beers to sit and drink in a bar with some friends.

Blackened Voodoo is a solid beer.  There’s nothing weird or gimmicky about this beer, but that’s what makes it good.  Drink some.


I’m a couple of tasting evenings behind in my beer reviews.  It turns out I like drinking beer much more than writing about it.  And I just got a new beer haul that’s begging to be drunk.  So it looks like I really need to get moving on the writing part or I’ll just wind up with piles of notebooks like some kind of OCD hoarder.

Anyway, let me tell you about Anchor Steam Beer.  The Anchor Brewing Company’s been brewing beer in San Francisco since 1896.  Historically, steam beer referred to West Coast lagers brewed in primitive conditions without ice or refrigeration, but the term has since been trademarked by the Anchor Brewing Co. and the style is now called “California Common.”

It pours a clear dark amber with a creamy head and a hoppy bitterness/mildly malty scent.  The taste really reminds me of unsweetened iced tea…kind of citrus and caramel.  Really interesting and easy to drink.  Not overly carbonated and only 4.9% abv make this very nice for sitting around drinking with friends when you just want a nice beer you don’t need to think about too much.  There’s nothing exciting about it, but that’s good sometimes.

I just got back from a short business trip to Trinidad and while I was there, had the opportunity to sample a local beer.  The Carib Brewery brews both Carib and Stag lagers, with Stag being marketed as a “Men’s Beer.”  Interestingly, when I asked the bartender for a local beer, he didn’t give me an option and just gave me the Carib.  The men I was with were all given a choice.  Had I the opportunity for another beer, I would have asked for the Stag to see what response I got but as it was, I just went with the Carib.

It was served in the bottle without a glass and was bright, clear yellow.  The aroma wasn’t too distinct, but I did get some grains and a bit of hops which came through on tasting as well.  It had a pretty watery mouthfeel and was an easy, if uninteresting, drink.

If you like Corona, this is the beer for you.  My theory is that it’s so hot an humid in the tropics that most people don’t want a darker, heavier beer and prefer lighter, watery beers.  However, Guinness is one of the two most popular imports, so I’m not sure this theory holds up.

The verdict:  Next time, I’ll have a Mai Tai.

Purple Haze

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Fruit Beers
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The first beer I’ll be reviewing is Purple Haze.  It’s made at the Abita Brewery in Louisiana and they describe it as an American style wheat beer with fresh raspberry puree added after filtration.

This beer is a cloudy gold color with very little head.  It’s supposed to have a “subtle purple coloration” but I failed to see it.  It has a clean fruity aroma that is slightly malty.  The only notable flavor is the raspberry.  Very watery mouthfeel.  Tastes quite a bit like a raspberry flavored carbonated water.  Very drinkable, but I wouldn’t drive across town to get it.  It would probably be a good starter beer for someone who thinks they hate beer.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad beer, though there was nothing really special about it and I was ultimately disappointed.  I was really hoping for a more complex taste.  That being said, it would be a good beer to drink outdoors in the heat of summer.   The light fruitiness would likely do better in that setting than drinking it in my livingroom on a chilly Bay Area evening.