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I initially picked up a bottle of this at my local chain liquor store, but before trying it I actually went back for another to age for awhile before drinking.  I’m just going to stick it away somewhere and let it gather dust for awhile.  Eventually I’ll run across it again and remember my plan and open it with a friend.

I’ve had other beers from the Fuller’s Brewery before and quite enjoyed them so I have high expectations for this one.  This is a bottle conditioned Old Ale and a limited edition; only 95K are made each year.

I had a friend over for a beer tasting evening last week and this was our opener.  It poured a beautiful hazy red amber with a very yeasty smell.  The taste was kind of like a really good loaf of sourdough with some bitterness.  It had a pretty strong alcohol taste, but felt really creamy.

I really enjoyed this beer and look forward to trying the other in a few years.  I think the alcohol taste might mellow out a bit by then.